Just Desserts

Hi there, here is an extract of my short story Just Desserts.

Theresa had been in the supermarket for twenty-five minutes wandering up and down the aisles picking up items she could not afford and putting them into her basket.

She knew the security guard had noticed her the minute she walked in but like most men who set eyes on Theresa, he quickly forgot about his job.

His eyes feasted on her large round firm breasts emphasized by the tight white shirt she was wearing.

She had the full package. Large breasts, small neat waist and a round pert bottom with strong athletic thighs.

But hers was not the typical Nambian  female form.

She was tall and she hoped the shoulder length wavy weave gave her the ‘American look’ she was trying to emulate, well the sexy vixens she saw on MTV  anyway.

Things were tight this month.

Her sister had lost her job as a nanny and maid and general dogs-body for a rich young family and so they were relying on her small wage.

If she stopped to think about the paltry salary she earned as a lowly secretary for the education ministry she would break down right there and then.

As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, the three inch killer heels she was wearing were living up to their name.

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